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BQplus is a mainframe class batch job scheduler designed with Operations staff in mind, ensuring batch job management on UNIX computer systems is as versatile and straight-forward as possible.

Quickly move your processing cycles into BQplus with the easy to use scheduling and dependency features
All command-line and menu tools have been designed with Operations staff and are "machine-room approved"
Security options allows you to restrict access to BQplus queues and jobs as necessary
Full history, logs and accounting means you can easily track job progress

Test drive BQplus today

You can download BQplus now for a free 30 day fully-functional evaluation. There are no pre-requisites and unless you request one, no sales person will call

BQplus is available for Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Dynix/Ptx, SINIX, OSF, Linux and SCO


Need more information?

A flash presentation is available with more information on BQplus.
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BQplus is


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