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 BMC Performance Manager
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BMC Performance Manager for Capacity Management

To stay competitive your business must cost-effectively optimize scarce resources. At the same time, you must consistently deliver acceptable levels of service, application responsiveness, and overall system performance.

Performance management and capacity planning are key abilities of BMC Software's Performance Assurance solution. The unique past, present and future performance capabilities of this solution enable you to:

Understand the IT resources needed to deliver acceptable service

  • Manage workloads - Measure and manage performance and resource usage with business-oriented analysis
  • Eliminate guesswork - Isolate root cause of performance and response time bottlenecks rapidly
  • Concentrate scarce resources - Manage by exceptions from normal performance across complex environments via statistical analysis

Balance resource and service requirements cost-effectively

  • Reduce costs - Use built-in intelligence to evaluate and employ just-in-time upgrades, server or resource consolidations and configuration changes 
  • Optimize expenditures - Maximize current resource usage and defer spending through advanced tuning and modelling capabilities 
  • Speed problem resolution - Isolate performance bottlenecks via workload-oriented analysis 
  • Reduce technical skill requirements - Use solution automation and intelligence, auto-discovery, wizards, and GUIs to simplify performance management

Adapt to business change while meeting service requirements

  • Plan for growth - Optimize capacity and plan for future growth with predictive modelling and scenario planning 
  • Control costs - Set achievable service level goals by determining the business impact of resource changes with predictive modelling techniques
    Example: Use predictive modelling to precisely understand the performance and response time impacts associated with adding additional FI users to your SAP R/3 production environment
  •  Reduce risks - Eliminate over or under-configuration through advanced modelling capabilities
  •  Increase efficiency - Optimize and tune existing systems and applications to maximize usage
"We need to have a rock solid infrastructure because my colleagues and I want to be able to sleep at night. BMC Software's philosophy of making businesses highly available assures me that it's possible."

Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson, Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Computing and Information Technology, Wayne State University.

Read how Wayne State University maximized their resources and improved performance too.

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