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BMC Performance Manager Solutions for Database Management

Data is a company's most valuable asset. Data is knowledge and represents that a company knows about its market. The sole reason to run an application is to manipulate data - to collect, store, modify and retrieve it within a Database Management System (DBMS), commonly referred to as a database. Running a database, however, is a very difficult task, and today's IT environment is increasingly complex.

BMC Software offers data management solutions for both your mainframe and distributed systems. Our solutions are designed to provide built-in intelligence and automation that maximize the performance of applications, minimize the amount of expertise required to run them, and minimize time to recovery. To assure data availability, there are three key areas to consider - performance, administration, and recovery.


  • Minimize the business costs of poor database performance - use integration and optimization to prolong the life cycle of existing technology; identify and correct performance issues quickly; increase staff productivity and maintain performance consistency
  • Maximize DBA productivity - automate tedious, time-consuming tasks; monitor and manage systems and applications automatically; use unique tools to fine tune systems dynamically and automatically
  • Control maintenance activities - enable continuous availability of databases during reorganization; deliver ease of use and enhanced functionality


  • Maximize the availability of applications - perform high-speed bulk data unloads quickly; maintain high availability requirements; increase productivity with tools that are easy to use
  • Manage complex environments quickly and efficiently - keep application versions in sync across sites; move data accurately from one database platform to another; administer and manage multiple distributed databases using simple methods
  • Maintain reliable data for informed business decisions and superior customer service - minimize knowledge required to create and maintain DB2 objects; reduce time and complexity of analyzing the impact of changes to database structures; manage and maintain application referential and data integrity


  • Ensure application and data integrity - coordinate data recovery across multiple databases, operating systems and storage systems; integrate log analysis and management components for added precision; deploy enhanced functionality such as point-in-time, object-level and online transaction recovery
  • Reduce downtime - recover from erroneous transactions while your application is online; automate backup and recovery job creation
  • Improve IT staff productivity - use built-in intelligence and automation features; simplify and automate backup and recovery tasks with high speed and efficiency
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